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Union representatives

In companies where employees belong to a trade union, and the trade union has a collective agreement with the employer, the employees are entitled to elect a shop steward to represent them and to negotiate with the company on their behalf. Trade unions in Norway are part of a unique Nordic model that is based on a partnership between the Norwegian state, the employers’ associations, and the employees – represented by trade unions. Based on mutual trust between unions and employers, this collaboration was developed and has strengthened since the Second World War. It forms the basis for established rules that provide a secure Norwegian working environment.

The local, national and geographical level

The FLT is organised on three levels: locally, nationally, and geographically – as union members within a geographical area may face common challenges. The foundation of our union is, of course, the members of FLT and our local workplace branches. The workplace branches and the shop stewards are your first «line of defense» if you need help. All workplaces ought to have a shop steward. If yours does not have one, or if you don’t know if you have one, please contact us and we will help you either find your local shop steward, or help organize the election of one. Geographically, FLT is divided into five regions, which are again divided in local departments. The departments serve two missions. They are a support for the local workplace branches and their shop stewards, and they also arrange meetings for members in their area.

The head office

FLT’s head office is situated in Oslo, and most of our employees are located here. In addition, we have five regional offices with one employee in each office. The head office is tasked with keeping track of the membership base, collecting the union fees, helping to solve problems that could not be solved locally and negotiating the collective agreements. At present, the head office has 35 employees and three full-time elected executive officers. Every fourth year, our National Congress is held. The Congress elects a new Executive Board as well as three full-time elected executive officers.