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Assistance and legal aid at work

FLT can provide free assistance in cases of withheld salary payments, unjust termination of employment, work related injuries, or bullying or harassment at work. We can also help with questions concerning employment contracts or collective agreements. FLT can assist your local union representative in negotiating on your behalf. We seek to ensure fair pay and working conditions by negotiating the best possible collective agreements. FLT considers a flexible, criteria-based wage policy to be the best incentive for increased effort.

If you need assistance and/or legal aid, please contact your local union representative or our head office. Download FLTs Guidelines for Legal Assistance

Continuing education

Our subsidiary Addisco offers and facilitates educational programs to members. These programs are free to members who have a collective agreement. Educational programs offered by Addisco lead to formal accreditation, and it is possible to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Members are eligible to apply for up to 50 000 NOK in financial aid each academic year. For more information about continuing education, please contact us at addisco@flt.no or visit the website addisco.no.

Insurance and personal benefits for you and your family

As a member, you receive several personal benefits such as discounts on your electricity bill, hotel bookings, rental cars and more through LOfavør. Your union fee includes five different types of insurance coverage:

  • Collective home insurance LOfavør innboforsikringThis insurance that covers all your belongings (no limit on total value, but each item/collection is limited to NOK 300 000). LO and its federations have ownership of this insurance and set the terms. Our vision is to provide you with the best possible home insurance coverage.
  • Basic life insurance LOfavør grunnforsikringThis is a small life insurance policy. Benefits are paid out in the event of the death of a member or their spouse. We recommend additional life insurance for all members.
  • Personal accident insurance LOfavør fritidsulykkesforsikringAccident insurance that covers death or invalidity caused by accidents that take place in your free time. Accidents that occur while at work are covered by your employer’s insurance. We recommend that members consider having additional accident insurance.
  • Travel insurance LOfavør reiseforsikring. Our travel insurance covers members, their spouses and their children (under 20 years old and living at home). Grandchildren of members are also covered by our travel insurance when traveling with the member. Travel insurance applies all trips of up to 70 days in duration.
  • Legal insurance LOfavør advokatforsikring Includes up to 15 hours of legal advice annually from lawyers associated with HELP. The lawyers can provide legal advice in most areas of the law, not including criminal law, work-related law (your union membership covers this) and the purchase or sale.

Brochure LOfavør 2023

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