Personal benefits

FLT gives you personal- and financial benefits. We can provide the best opportunities for continuing education, and much of the insurance you need is included in your membership subscription:

Continuing education

Our subsidiary Addisco offers and facilitates education programs for adults in employment. These programs are free for FLT-members. Addisco continuously develops new programs in cooperation with local and international academic institutions. We provide courses that give formal accreditation that can form the basis for continued studies on a bachelor’s or master’s degree. As an FLT-member you also get access to Norway’s best financial support for continuing education. You can apply for up to 50 000 NOK per school year in financial aid.

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Assistance and legal aid

We can assist if you experience withheld salary payments, termination of employment, work related injuries, bullying and/or harassment in the work place. We can also assist if you have questions about your employment contract, or if you and your employer differ in the interpretation of the tariff agreement.

Assistance in salary negotiations

FLT considers a flexible, criteria-based wage policy as an incentive for increased effort. We seek to improve your pay and working conditions by negotiating good collective agreements. FLT can also assist the local union representatives that negotiate on your behalf.

Benefits for your personal economy

Membership in FLT benefits your whole family. We want you to be safe also when you are not at work. That is why the union fee includes five insurance packages: home and renter’s insurance, the union basic insurance package, travel insurance, and off-the-job accident insurance. We also offer an insurance covering legal aid expenses, with almost unlimited coverage.

In addition you receive several member benefits through LOfavør: discounts on your electricity bill, hotel bookings, rental cars, various insurances, credit cards, and more.

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An organization that looks after your professional interests

We continuously work to make sure that the professional interests of our members are taken care of in the best possible way.

Technical competence is important to our members, and this is reflected in our union. Besides customized technical education programs through our subsidiary Addisco, FLT is also very committed to promote technical colleges and the emphasis on science programs at universities and colleges.


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