Questions and answers about just cause for layoffs, quarantine and notices

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Author: Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO)
THE COVID-19 CRISIS. Last update: 21 March 2020

What are the new rules?
I have been laid off, what should I do?
If I leave Norway, what happens if I return?
Where do I find provisions on unemployment benefits during layoff?
For how long must employers pay wages to laid off workers?
What happens when the employer-financed period expires?
What is the basis of calculation of unemployment benefits for laid off workers?
What is the basis of calculation of unemployment benefits for laid off workers?
Are all laid off workers entitled to unemployment benefits?
Is there currently a delay in the disbursement of unemployment benefits for laid off workers?
Has the benefit level also changed also for workers who were on the unemployment benefit before the new rules were adopted?
Has the income threshold for the right to unemployment benefits been adjusted?
How long can I be on unemployment benefits as a temporarily laid off worker?
Will the amendments to the Unemployment Benefit Regulations impact on already implemented layoffs?
Can I get laid off because of circumstances linked to the Covid-19 virus?
What if there no longer are job tasks for me but my employer (a not-for-profit organisation) still receives the same public grant, so that it doesn’t matter to my employer’s solvency if I’m laid off?
Will self-quarantine entitle the employer to lay me off?
How short can my notice of layoff then be?
Is the any agreement that the period of notice pursuant to the Basic Agreement is 2 days in the current circumstances?
What scope of action do we as trade union members or stewards have if employers impose a 2-days’ period of notice and we believe that they are wrong?
Can a company lay off all of their workers or must the shop steward(s) and/or the safety representative remain? Could they instead be partially laid off?
Can a company give a 21 days’ layoff notice instead of 14 days?
For how long can a company lay me off?
Can a company decree a conditional layoff, i.e. layoff on the condition that a number of employees have to self-quarantine?
What about the fishing industry?
What should the notice of layoff say?
If I have been 20 % laid off from a job and the employers wants to increase the percentage, what rules apply?
If I am laid off and find another job that pays less, what will happen to my unemployment benefit?
When someone is dismissed or has resigned before the «corona crisis» and the company lays people off, can these workers also be laid off?
I am on sick leave. Can I still be laid off? And what happens next? Sick pay or employer-financed unemployment wages and then unemployment benefits afterwards? And what if I am taken off the sick list in the notice period or during the employer-financed period?
What happens to laid off workers who had planned to take out their contractual early retirement (AFP) in the period that they are now laid off?
What happens to layoff pay during Easter?
What rules apply to EEA citizens?
What if I am abroad at the date of commencement of the layoff and am unable to return because of closed borders or am ordered to self-quarantine?
What about on-call employees?
If you are laid off, can you be summoned to work if people not laid off call in sick?
What happens to my pension scheme when I am laid off?
There are many higher education students who hold part-time jobs, some even hold full-time jobs. What rights do they have? Is it correct that these students are not entitled to unemployment benefits?
Can someone on maternity leave be laid off? And what will then happen to the maternity benefit?
I have two part-time jobs and am only laid off from one. Am I entitled to unemployment benefits?
I am laid off from my job. Can I work for another employer while I am laid off?